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September 2014Kids learn best when they’re having fun.

If you're a parent or teacher of 7 or 8-year olds, or have kids in Brownies or Scouts groups, Harvester has great news. Right now, your local restaurant is hosting our fun and educational school visits focusing on fruit and vegetables. It's free to bring a class and your children will have all summer holiday to digest the lesson.

Find your local Harvester to register your interest

Nourish them for two hours

Across two fun-filled hours - you can see highlights in our video - kids pick up on the importance of healthy eating and a balanced diet. Included are:

  • Fun facts about their five-a-day
  • Quiz
  • Blind taste-test at the salad bar
  • Kitchen tour
  • Free helpings from the salad bar
  • A complimentary meal for each child from our menu specially for young guests

All 7 and 8-year olds welcome

Our school visits are designed for 7 and 8-year olds, and open to parties of up to 30. Attending adults also get lunch on the house.

Providing healthy choice

Harvester's marketing manager, Alison Smith, says: "These sessions are a fun way to get children talking about why their five-a-day is so important, and are part of Harvester's commitment to providing healthy choice."



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