A salad fit for a Queen

To celebrate Her Majesty’s 90th birthday next week, we’ve created a deliciously royal portrait of the Queen made entirely out of items available on our salad bar.

Using fresh ingredients weighing more than 60kg, the portrait is modelled on an iconic Diamond Jubilee image of Her Majesty.


So, what exactly does it take to fashion a portrait of the Queen from salad ingredients?

Her Majesty’s hair is made up of white onion curls, with seasonal noodles and yellow pepper highlights, while her sash is created with red onion, pasta salad and Harvester’s red devil dressing. 

We used 10kg of noodle salad and 10kg of couscous salad, plus the same weight in potato salad, coleslaw and pasta salad.

Add to that three large catering bottles of mayonnaise, 10 cans of sweetcorn, 10 tubs of beetroot, 10 cans of pineapple, 1kg of croutons and 1kg of bacon bits, plus 2kg of carrots, five pots of dressing (blue cheese, honey & mustard, thousand island, red devil, caesar), 2kg of raisins, eight red peppers, eight yellow peppers, eight green peppers, eight iceberg lettuces and six whole cucumbers.

Truly a salad fit for a Queen.