Fuel up, stay warm and get creative with our fun autumn activities

Racking your brains for a fun family outing this season? We suggest rounding up the troops and popping into Harvester Meridian Park to enjoy our family feast: two adult and two kids’ mains for £20. What better way to fuel up before Bonfire night?

Need more inspiration? Try something new with these frighteningly good ideas:

Move over pumpkins, get into the Halloween spirit with a home-made piñata. Simply papier mâché inflated balloons and remove the inside to leave a shell. Wrap with fringed white crêpe paper. Create some eyes and a mouth with black card – and voila! Fill your phantom with sweets and take turns to give it a whack. Or if you’re feeling kind, leave out the treats for a cute, spooky decoration.

Give the kids a sweet treat minus the sugar with these caramel apple bites. Fresh, healthy and fun to make, blend dates with milk, apples and vanilla before popping onto a toothpick. Finish up by sprinkling with chopped nuts or coconut shavings.