Our menus at Harvester Moto in Castle Donnington

Make your meal your own at Harvester Moto in Castle Donnington. We believe that specially chosen ingredients should be at the heart of our dishes, but it’s the little extras we add to make them even more special. Like our imaginative side dishes or the additions of our special ribs and unique glazes inspired by world flavours that enhance your favourite meals and get you excited about your food.

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Takeaway Menu

We do the cooking, you serve it up at home. And that includes a box from our famous salad bar.

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Breakfast Menu

Gather round for a proper breakfast. We've got all your cooked favourites. Plus, every morning our famous salad bar becomes a deck of unlimited continental breakfast delights.

Unlimited Salad

Unlimited Salad – Enjoy as much fresh salad as you like with every main meal and create endless flavour combinations with dressings and seasonal specials.

Allergen Guide

If you are worried our dishes may contain ingredients that people in your party are allergic to, our allergen guides have full details.

Click the link above to view our Allergen information, this will open in a new tab. Some dishes may not be available in all sites. 

Please ensure that you refer to the onsite allergen guide on each visit to confirm that nothing has changed.

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Main Menu

We think good times are made even better with great food. This is why we source the best quality ingredients, time after time. All of our main meals come with fresh, unlimited salad

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Kids Menu

Discover your favourite food from our tasty kids menu