Unlimited salad

Our famous salad bar

There are salad bars - and then there's the famous Harvester salad bar. Topped up with freshly prepared salad all day long, it gives you so many tasty options, you won't know where to start.

Unlimited free salad with every main meal

Order any main course and you can visit our restaurant's salad bar as many times as you want. It's fresh and full of flavour with 12 different salad ingredients including crisp lettuce, juicy tomatoes, crunchy peppers and fresh cucumber slices, as well as our tasty coleslaw, delicious pasta and creamy potato salad. Plus you'll always find two seasonal salad specials to try too.

To add even more flavour, you can then help yourself to six delicious dressings and five different salad toppers to create almost endless salad combos. So, place your order and dive in. The salad bar is all yours.

Eat at yours or ours

If you love enjoying a Harvester takeaway at home, but also love helping yourself at our salad bar, you can still do both! Order any main course from our takeaway menu and you can grab a salad box to fill up and take home.

Harvester's salad bar is freshly prepared all day every day for you. You can find out more by watching our short video.

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