From the kiln to the grill

Our tasty and tender slow-cooked ribs from our new smoke & fire range go through an impressive journey to get to your plates – and we pride ourselves on ensuring they’re hand-trimmed and smoked to perfection every time.

Kiln-smoked the traditional way

The smoke and fire starts long before we fire up the grills. Our chefs work with the Fresh From Cornwall factory in Truro, where our ribs are smoked to perfection the traditional way, against the stunning backdrop of the Cornish coast.

With over 25 years’ experience in smoking meat and fish, factory manager Dirk Goodman and his team know how to get the very best flavour into each batch of ribs. Hand-mixed beech woodchips give the right depth of smokiness, and the kiln leaves the ribs perfectly tender.

We can’t tell you how long they’re in there for – it’s a closely-guarded trade secret – but as they’re cooked, each batch is carefully taste tested to ensure the flavours are right and the meat has that melt-in-the-mouth texture that makes our ribs so famous.

Flavour, quality and freshness

An overwhelming 93% of Brits say they’d prefer a return to the old days of simple, honest food cooked well, and we’re proud to plate up a timeless classic prepared the traditional way. The ribs that come out of these Cornish kilns are exclusive to Harvester – and that’s how we know we’re serving you the tastiest and most tender ribs around.

Check out our menu for our full smoke & fire range, or book a table at your nearest restaurant to tuck in to our Cornish ribs.