Does your wallet love BBQs as much as we do?

Here at Harvester, we’re big on summer BBQs. We know that whatever the weather, Brits love a good barbecue – but do you know how much your get-togethers around the grill have cost you this summer?

Splashing the cash

We’ve done the sums, and found that hosting a barbecue at home costs you £110 in food and drink on average. What’s more, more than one in five Brits admit to spending up to £150 on a back garden barbeque during the summer months.

The weather isn’t on our side either. Even after we’ve stocked the fridge, the famously unpredictable British summer means one in five barbecues has to be rescheduled because of unexpected rain. Typical…

The hosts with the most

Worried there won’t be enough food? Don’t be – it turns out we’re a nation of very generous hosts. One in four Brits says that they over-buy by at least a third in terms of food and drink. That’s a lot of leftover sausages – and a potential £50 up in flames every time we fire up the grill. Ouch.

Get together over great grills

Barbecues should be mouth-watering, not eye-watering, so if you want that great BBQ taste but don’t fancy blowing your budget, why not try something from our smoke and fire range? From BBQ ribs and slow-cooked meats to succulent steaks and loaded burgers, we’ve got loads of dishes for you to enjoy fresh from the chargrill.

Since BBQs are as much about socialising with friends as they are about food, why not book a table at your nearest Harvester for all your favourite people? No umbrellas necessary…