Summer Drinks at The Falcon

We love great tasting, beautifully served drinks with fresh flavours. And that’s why we only use premium spirits and quality cordials to bring you the most spectacular summer drinks experience at Harvester.



Our Gintonicas are a little bit special… oh yes, our zesty Elderflower & Lime Gintonica and our refreshing Strawberry & Cucumber Gintonica are absolute summer must-haves.

Old Mout

Enjoy the new Old Mout Pineapple & Raspberry flavour in our beer garden.


Coors Light

Complement your meal with an ice-cold pint of Coors Light.


Whatever your occasion, big, small, or no occasion at all, you don’t need an excuse to pop open a mini bottle of sparkling Freizenet.



Who said soft drinks had to be boring? Not us! If you fancy something with a bit of a kick then our Spiced Strawberry juice with a hint of pepper is the one for you.

Whatever you choose, we’ve got the drink that’ll perfectly complement the summer sun.