Christmas Day at Harvester

It’s the most Harvester time of the yeaaar – well, that’s how we feel about Christmas, anyway.

For Christmas 2019, our chefs put together a delicious collection of menus to get you into the festive spirit – and you can definitely expect more of the same (if not better) for Christmas 2020.

Check out our Christmas Day menu to get an idea of what we’ve got in store for you and sign up to be the first to know about our plans for Christmas 2020!


At Harvester, we want to make it easier for families to eat better together, which means providing you with the nutritional and allergen-related information you need to make the right choices for you and your family.

Click the link above to view our Allergen information, this will open in a new tab. Some dishes may not be available in all sites. 

Please ensure that you refer to the onsite allergen guide on each visit to confirm that nothing has changed.