What our team have to say

Emma Tomkinson

Why did I choose to work for Harvester?

I chose to work for Harvester because I love the brand and believe in the family values that we stand for. I’ve regularly visited since being a child and I was drawn to the company because I have always loved the family focus and excellent food. I wanted to work in a fast-paced restaurant in a buzzing atmosphere with a fantastic team that makes work life fun and I knew that Harvester could offer me that!

Tell us about your training/career so far

I joined Harvester half way through my career in hospitality where I became the Assistant Manager of a brand-new business. I was able to recruit and train my own new team and build a great reputation with our new guests. Years later I’m still here and very proud of my team and the business. It’s been hard work, but with the great support and family atmosphere I’ve enjoyed every moment of it.

I’m now developing my career even further as I am working to become a District Trainer. This new role gives me the opportunity to support other team members from across the business, I will be able to share my knowledge and experience to help develop their careers!

I’m also on my way to becoming a General Manager, with all the resources from the team from our Retail Support Centre to the online training I can access when it suits me, I know I will achieve this goal!

What do you love most about your job?

I love the people!

I work with an amazing team who are more like a family to me than just work colleagues. I also love our guests, meeting new people every day and making their visit special is what I love doing. The flexibility that Harvester offers allows me to enjoy what I love doing whilst having a great work life balance.

I am proud to work for Harvester, I am thankful for all the opportunities that are available to me which enables me to progress my career.


Assistant Manager at Harvester Salt Cellar in Middlewich

Declan Patel


Kitchen Chef & Shift Supervisor at Harvester Ashton Moss in Ashton-under-Lyne

Why did I choose to work for Harvester?

The first time I ever visited a Harvester was for my 16th Birthday party, I am now 23 years old and I work at that exact Harvester I visited so many years ago. The reason I wanted to work here was because of the overall atmosphere of the business. I can still remember to this day how friendly the staff were and how happy they all seemed, the food was amazing especially the dessert. It is extremely team focused working for Harvester and that’s why I love it so much: everyone helps each other, and someone is always available to talk, we are like one big family!

Tell us about your training/career so far

I joined Harvester 4 years ago and I’m still here and still enjoying every day as if it’s my first! I initially started as a kitchen porter washing pots, then a few months later I was fully trained in each area of the kitchen. A year later I became a fully trained Kitchen Team Leader. After a successful period of being a KTL, I decided to test my strengths further by working in a front of house role. I enjoyed working in the restaurant and interacting with guests, it was a great new challenge that I found really rewarding.

Then in 2017 I entered a brand competition: Harvester’s Got the Feel Good Factor…AND WON! I was not expecting to have so much fun, yet alone win! It was a great experience for me and I’m very grateful for the opportunity. The following year I got invited back to the competition to be a judge, it was really fun, and I had a great time getting to know other team members from across the company.

I’m now looking at the next steps in my career and I’m hoping to become a District Trainer, so I can support other team members across the company. It will be a lot of hard work, but I know that I have the support and training available to me that will help me take on this responsibility.

What do you love most about your job?

I love my team, they make every day exciting and make me want to come to work. We are like one big family and we all look after each other. I have the best managers around me that support me not only in my role but in all aspects of my life!

I love working for Harvester and I am so grateful for all the opportunities and support I have received to help me develop my career.

Kirsty Munn

Why did I choose to work for Harvester?

Originally, I chose to work for Harvester due to the flexibility they offer. However, after only a few weeks I soon realised that the company offered a lot more to its employees.

Progression is one thing that particularly interested me especially in such a well-established company. I quickly realised that there are so many different career paths you can choose within Harvester, it’s exciting that you can decide what direction you take your career in.

I also love the fact that it’s such an enjoyable place to work, the team are great and every day we work to give our guests a wonderful experience every time they visit!

I chose Harvester because I love that guests are at the heart of the brands vision and values!

Tell us about your training/career so far

I joined the Harvester family after having my little boy and soon realised I wanted to explore various avenues available to me to get more out of my role. I was able to work towards a Team Leader position and whilst doing so was nominated for the annual Harvester Feel Good Factor Awards which is a companywide competition that is held every year. Not only was the competition great fun I was also crowned Front of House team member of the year!

One year on and I’ve now progressed to Shift Supervisor and I’m working towards becoming a District Trainer, so I can support the needs of other team members across the company.

My manager is a huge support to my career. She is so passionate about Harvester and has the knowledge and experience to support me. Teamed with the fantastic training the company provides I was quickly able to develop. I hope to progress further, and I am very excited for my future!

What do you love most about your job?

I love coming to work and spending time with my team who have all become great friends, it's great fun working to make memorable experiences for our guests. It’s a lovely feeling when guests return to the restaurant and they remember you, or when they tell you we had to come here today as the kids asked to go back to the Harvester to see Kirsty.

It’s not just my place of work I have to go to day to day, it’s a place where I go to have fun and enjoy interacting with my team and guests in order to deliver the fantastic service that makes us who we are.


Shift Supervisor at Harvester The Unicorn in Plymouth


We are proud to have won the category for ‘Best Employee Engagement Initiative’ at the 2018 CIPD awards.