Our Salad, It’s unlimited.

Here at Harvester, we believe in great food as much as we believe in good value, which is why every main meal comes with free unlimited salad. So pile your bowl high and take as many trips to the salad bar as you like.

It’s refreshed throughout the day

We’re picky about what makes it to our famous salad bar. Our dedicated salad chefs refill and refresh our salad bar and dressings stations throughout the day to make sure you’re filling your bowl with only the freshest, best quality ingredients. Our tomatoes, cucumber and peppers are sliced each day, and our coleslaw is mixed in our kitchens every day, too. 

It’s healthy

Our salad bar is filled with plenty of colourful choices, making it an easy way for you and your family to get your five a day – and if you’re watching the calories, we’ve got low fat dressing options, too. As well as all your salad bar favourites, our season specials mean that there's always something new and different to try, like our Asian noodle salad.

It’s full of flavour

What does your perfect salad bowl look like? Every bowl from our salad bar is a different flavour combination, and with so many ingredients, dressings and toppers to choose from, there are infinite possibilities…

Try these tips from our salad chefs…*

  • For an extra crunch, add some croutons, crispy bacon bits, onion flakes or smoked paprika crumb.
  • A tasty dressing can transform a salad bowl – our salad chefs’ favourites are our signature Red Devil and our Blue Cheese dressing.
  • Why not try some black olives, gherkins or pickled red cabbage to give your salad some zing?
  • Tucking into ribs? Make a succulent garden salad with tomatoes, cucumber, sliced peppers, grated carrot and iceberg lettuce finished off with a French dressing.
  • Going Greek? To go with our halloumi, build your own Greek salad of iceberg lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, sliced onions and black olives, with a low-fat vinaigrette.

You can enjoy fresh, unlimited salad from our jam packed salad bars every day. Why not book a table today to experience the freshest and best quality ingredients at your nearest Harvester restaurant.


Love a Harvester at home but still want the salad experience? Bring the crunch to your bunch by ordering any main course from our takeaway menu and grabbing a salad box to fill up and take away.

*Some ingredients mentioned above may not be available at all our restaurants. Please enquire at your local Harvester for details.