Takeaway from your local Harvester.

If the telly's too good to miss, you can always treat your bunch to a Harvester at home. Everyone's favourite grills, burgers and sides, and no dishes to wash – what better way to enjoy a family night in? 

Search for your local Harvester below, pick your collection time & we’ll have it ready for you when you arrive! 

Choose your local Harvester

Selected sites

Harvester Great Salterns
Harvester Beehive
Harvester Beulah Spa
Harvester Bracknell
Harvester Bybrook Barn
Harvester Griffin
Harvester The Compasses
Harvester The Tarpots
Harvester The Dog
Harvester Derby Pool
Harvester Aintree Park
Harvester Lowry Centre
Harvester Sovereign Harbour
Harvester Borderer
Harvester Priory
Harvester The Elms
Harvester Alma Park
Harvester Navigation Inn
Harvester Greyhound
Harvester Windsor Lad
Harvester Sidcup
Harvester Rising Sun
Harvester Apollo
Harvester The Orchard
Harvester Stanway
Harvester Malthouse
Harvester Cardinal Park
Harvester Galleria
Harvester George
Harvester Newport Retail Park
Harvester George Ruislip
Harvester New Square
Harvester Beacon Quay
Harvester Timberdine
Harvester Alwalton
Harvester Croft Park
Harvester Honey Pot
Harvester The Larkswood
Harvester Chelmsford
Harvester Trentham Lakes
Harvester Fountain
Harvester Ravenswood
Harvester Boldmere
Harvester Mansion House
Harvester Britannia
Harvester Meadowhall
Harvester East Kilbride
Harvester Stanney Oaks
Harvester Winding Wheel
Harvester Montague Arms
Harvester Hawth Park
Harvester Springfield Quay
Harvester Brayford Wharf
Harvester The Yeoman
Harvester Braehead
Harvester Hillington
Harvester Pride Park
Harvester Falcon
Harvester Horwich Park
Harvester Madeira
Harvester Fort
Harvester Croxley Green
Harvester Mallard
Harvester The Crooked Billet
Harvester Bulldog
Harvester Skydome
Harvester Running Horse
Harvester Morfa Parc
Harvester Paignton
Harvester Shorehouse
Harvester Meridian Park
Harvester West Green
Harvester Colton Mill
Harvester Grays
Harvester The Windmill
Harvester Ghillies Lair
Harvester Gidea Park
Harvester Sarn
Harvester Ancient Briton
Harvester Aylesbury
Harvester Plough
Harvester Roaring Meg
Harvester Port Solent
Harvester The Wheatsheaf
Harvester George Stephenson
Harvester Windmill High Road
Harvester Star City
Harvester Glasgow Fort
Harvester Ashton Moss
Harvester Swindon
Harvester Clifton Moor
Harvester Redgrove
Harvester Jolly Badger
Harvester The Rayleigh Weir
Harvester Garston
Harvester Pavilions
Harvester Katarina
Harvester Livingston
Harvester The Cardiff Bay
Harvester The King's Head
Harvester Buccaneer

Takeaway FAQs

How do I order a Harvester takeaway?

Select the time you would like to pick up the takeaway from your local Harvester restaurant.

Choose what you would like from the menus – starters, mains and desserts. Check everything is correct on your order.

Pay for your order using credit or debit card through our safe and secure payment system.

We will confirm your order and our chefs will start putting together your meal, so it is ready at your chosen pick-up time! We will also send you an email as a receipt and confirmation.

How does Harvester takeaway work?

Using our online takeaway booking system, you choose what time you would like to pick up your order and choose from our great selection of real food menus. You pay online and once confirmed we start making your order at the chosen venue. You can then relax knowing our chefs are hard at work putting your order together. When you arrive at the venue, we will grab your takeaway and you can go home to enjoy Harvester’s own cooked dishes!

How is my takeaway packaged?

We use a variety of recyclable cardboard and plastic packaging designed to keep your food fresh, piping hot and looking good all the way from our restaurant to your home with no spillages. 

Can I pop in and order on my way home from work?

Of course! Rather than ordering online you can pop into your local Harvester restaurant and order a takeaway from inside. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to help. It shouldn’t take long to put together but if it’s during our peak hours it may take a little longer than usual.

What can’t I order through takeaway?

The earliest you can order is for an 11:45 pickup and latest 22:00 (10pm). We don’t offer our breakfast menu for takeaway at the moment and neither can you order drinks for takeaway. Our starters, mains, puddings and kid’s menus are all available to order for takeaway though.