We’ve teamed up with some of the best foodie-influencers to create delicious recipes using Harvester’s famous sauces…

Let the flavour explode at home by taking your favourite Harvester sauce home with you. Our six signature sauces are just £3.99 each and guaranteed to add extra flavour and excitement to all your dishes. Each sauce is exclusively available at Harvester restaurants. So, book your table and bring the sauce of all your happiness home with you.

NEW Recipe Bourbon: With a taste of the deep south of the USA, our sweet Bourbon Sauce delivers a subtle hint of spice (it’s our new twist on an old favourite!).

Kickin’ Garlic: Mayonnaise with a kick, spiced with mustard, chillies, and natural garlic flavouring – it goes with everything. 

Red Devil: Sometimes you have to listen to that devil on your shoulder: go ahead and enjoy this sweet tomato and herb salad dressing.

Spiked Maple Sweet: Our unmistakable spicy maple syrup flavoured sauce, seasoned with red pepper and red chilli.  

NEW Naga Hot Chilli (V Hot): You know what you’re taking on here: our hot, citrusy, spicy sauce made with Naga chillies.

Peri-peri (Hot): Spicy citrus sauce with smoked paprika and bird's eye chilli. A winning sauce – and not just on chicken.